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06 August 2019

Design thinking is like cooking
If you google ‘design thinking’, you may find many different interpretations of what it is: ‘a human-centred methodology for innovation’, ‘a solution-based approach to problem-solving’, ‘a collection of tools’, ‘a process’, ‘a methodology’, or even ‘a mindset’. For me, it’s all of these things, and as such it’s very much like cooking.
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02 July 2019

Hold hands when crossing the swamp
The emotional journey of creating anything great. 
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07 June 2019

Meet Dimitris Broad
Meet Dimitris, also known as 'D-MONEY' and one of our very talented Interaction designers. 
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10 April 2019

Product as a process, not a solution
Be honest, and ask yourself: ‘did I listen, in order to understand, or did I start offering solutions?’.
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1 Febuary 2019

Meet Ollie Vergo
Meet Ollie, our very special Design Strategist.
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21 January 2019

A talk with our intern Bente
The most important things learned in my internship.
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12 October 2018

Meet Ludo Briët
Meet Ludo, our very special (can't go without) and COO.
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02 October 2018

We’re hiring a new Mid / Senior iOS developer!
Join an international team of talented and fun individuals.
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28 September 2018

Meet Jacques Van der Merwe
Meet Jacques, our own ‘Jackal’ and developer.
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14 September 2018

Meet Alex Marais
Meet Alex, our own ‘Jack of all Trades’ and UX/UI designer.
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11 July 2018

Meet Lizelle Geldenhuys
Meet Lizelle, our own Rapunzel and UX/UI designer.
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14 June 2018

Meet Namhla Vokwana
Meet Namhla, our office fairy Godmother and cook.
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11 June 2018

RPS turns 20
The 20 represents the products that we have brought to life through our RockPaperScissors Methodology...
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25 January 2018

Meet Jurrian van der Mannen
Meet Jurrian, our Dutch intern who cycles through Woodstock as if he was back home.  🚲
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12 December 2017

Meet Thomas van Miert
In this edition of People of Fonk, we point the spotlight at our Dutch digital marketing
intern, Thomas.
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22 November 2017

Meet Gugulethu Mhlanga
We welcome many bright minds into our brave and playful team. Here we introduce you to the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the magic happen. This time we point the spotlight at software engineer and keen designer, Gugs.
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